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Your Situation

Putting off planning for retirement because you don't know where to begin?

Want to provide a college education for your grandchildren?

Feel like you have too many advisers, too many accounts, and no clear strategy?

Your financial and personal situation is unique, but long experience tells us that we all have much in common with others. Each decade of life, for example, brings its own challenges and opportunities. We take what we have learned from clients in one age group, and use it to help others who are approaching that age.

We see your situation from a long-term perspective, and help you plan accordingly. Your goals and concerns will change from decade to decade. We have learned to see beyond today's priorities to help you understand what will matter to you in ten, twenty, or thirty year's time. Call it financial foresight.

boat with sunset Simplifying Your Financial Life

Most people we meet before retirement have five to seven advisors–banks, credit unions, life insurers, brokers, accountants, attorneys, mutual fund companies, and so on. Their efforts are entirely uncoordinated, and they are all saying something different.Charleton Financial is a sole provider of strategy and financial planning services–a one-stop shop for all financial needs. We help you to focus, narrow down your choices, consolidate many accounts and insurance policies into a few, and get on with life, so that every element of your financial plan is coordinated in advancing your dreams.

Looking After Your Family

Families are our greatest joy, so we are deeply concerned about them. In our experience, people are not as afraid of dying broke, as they are afraid of not being able to support their family and meet their commitments.

Family, handsWhether you are concerned about college education for your children or grandchildren, or providing a fairytale wedding for your grown daughter who really deserves it, you need to have the money. Perhaps you want to maintain your independence, and not burden your children, if you should have health problems as you grow older–long term care insurance might be the solution. Or you just want your children and grandchildren to have options that you never did.



saving your moneyPlanning Your Retirement

When do you start planning for retirement? The sooner the better, but later is better than never.

Before people retire there is a lot of water cooler talk about which financial planner is giving the greatest return, as though our job is investment management. It is not. A good planner will understand your long and short term needs, and plan carefully to meet those needs. Getting a good return on assets invested is part of that picture, and that is why we work with professional money managers, but the financial plan must follow the life plan.

Our whole approach changes as you near retirement. Before your retirement, the long term perspective enables us to ride out bull and bear markets, because we know that equities have historically shown long term appreciation. As you retire and start living on your retirement assets, we must work very hard to conserve capital, making our tolerance for volatility and risk much lower.

Following Your Dreams

Life's big transitions, like retirement, can be great opportunities to do what you always wanted.

At Charleton Financial, we are very serious about helping you make your dreams come true–about living your life to the fullest, not just hunkering down for the rest of your life. Some of our clients love to travel. Others decide to return to school, making learning lifelong. Still others choose to combine their passion and profession, and spend the rest of their lives dedicated to making the world a better place.

What are your dreams?

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